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Talk about a fun and practical piece to give!  Our world famous Super Shears were featured on the Discovery Channel. They can cut everything from herbs to chicken in your kitchen to tough packaging to even pennies.  (YES – even pennies!)

Super Shears  — All Around Use for Your Kitchen and Household

Strong, functional and versatile, these Super Shears are not just for your kitchen, but for your craft room, garden and beyond. Cut everything from delicate herbs to bacon to tough packaging. Open bags of salad, cut fat off chicken and even cardboard – these Heavy-duty blades come apart for easy cleaning. These bad boys were featured on the Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’.  Designed for a ‘righty’ or a ‘lefty’ – these shears can cut just about anything!

Super Shears

SKU: 677
    •  Made in America
    • Blade material 4117 High-Carbon, Stainless Steel
    • Handle material Highly engineered thermo-resin.
    • Overall Length 8-3/8″
    • Weight 5.4 oz.
    • Come apart for easy cleaning. (Simply open shears and release at the bolt)
    • Comfort and Universal fit handle – large or small, left or right hand. Reduces fatigue.
    • Strong enough blades to cut through the toughest materials. (Do not use to cut through wire)
    • Guaranteed Forever – Like all Cutco products, these Super Shears are guaranteed forever.
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