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How do your current gifts obtain client retention?

What Is A Forever Gift?

80% of people said they would use their Realtor/Lender again OR refer them business if they could remember their name.  9% actually do this according to the NAR, and it isn't because they don't want to.  They just can't remember their agents name or contact information.



-Are never consumed
-Loved and used daily
-100% tax deductible as advertising
-Top quality product, will WOW your client
-We ship direct and have an easy system in place
-Used in the kitchen with friends and family
-The best way to get your name in front of your clients forever for long-term branding and top-of-mind-awareness


Other Gifts

-90% of gifts are consumed in the first 2 weeks
-Most gifts sit in the corner and collect dust, they aren't used or remembered
-only $25 dollar tax deduction in most business's
-takes an immense amount of time to pick out
-Some gifts have questionable quality
-Most "Branded" gifts are trinkets and clutter
-Not socially engaging

In case you didn't know...

The FOREVER guarantee of Cutco protects all of the products we make.  Our products are being made right here in America since 1949.  We want your clients to be raving fans and loyal to you for life.  These are the best marketing tools in the universe.


Why is this so important in business?

Sharp-Retention-Infographic-min (1).jpg

Each and every gift is custom engraved with your brand, your personal information. Engrave anything you want - your name, phone number, logo…even a super snazzy tagline. As big & bold as you’d like, or small & discreet on the back if that’s your style.

Why Invest from A Forever Gift?

Branding That Lasts Forever

Every CUTCO client gift is customized with your brand and information using diamond-drag engraving – unlike laser engraving, it will not rust or rub off. You can engrave anything you want, your name, phone number, logo or even a super snazzy tagline.

Best In Class Quality Gifts

Give your customers a gift that will last forever and associate your service with the best. All CUTCO closing gifts are guaranteed life. Imagine a referral source that never quits.

Quick, Secure and Easy To Reorder

In addition to providing the best client gifts on the market and a system you’ll business will thank you for, A Forever Gift also offers completely secure purchasing, including offline payment processing to guarantee your personal information is kept safe.


Our Hours

Contact us anytime via our website, email, phone, text or carrier pigeon.

If we miss you, we will get back to you ASAP. 

 Quick and Secure

A Forever Gift offers secure purchasing, including offline payment processing to guarantee your personal information is kept safe.


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